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  • Once the drivers are installed properly in Windows, the Apple SuperDrive should accept discs, read, write, and eject them as expected, just like it does on the Mac. Of course you could also just get a different external DVD-RW / CDRW drive too at less cost, as many of the other solutions either work immediately with plug-and-play in Windows and Mac OS, but the.
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For the external CD/DVD drive, it is supported by all laptop and desktop PC devices with Linux OS, as well as Apple Mac and MacBook Pro. When it comes to the CD burner, it is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10, Linux and all available versions of Mac OS.

Important information for Windows 7 users

  • Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14th, 2020. Don't let your business go unprotected. Find out more about what this means for you and your business. Learn more

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The Apple Superdrive: Play your Favourite CD/DVD Content from your Mac

Apple released its last 13-inch MacBook Pro with an inbuilt Apple CD drive in 2016. However, you can find an external drive for your Mac on eBay. The Apple SuperDrive alternative is available on eBay to serve the same purpose. The Apple CD drive features a combination CD and DVD drive that you can connect to your Mac through the USB slot.

What is the Apple USB Superdrive used for?

With the external CD drive for MacBook Pro, you can improve your Mac's performance. Here are some of the useful functions of the external CD drive for Mac:

  • Install and update your optical-based software on your Mac. You can shop for software, install it or update existing software using the CD drive for Mac.
  • Copy your favourite music from the CDs into your iTunes app using the external CD drive for Mac.
  • Watch or rip DVD content into the MacBook.
  • Burn music onto CDs or burn your favourite videos and images onto DVDs.
Can you burn Blu-ray DVDs with your external MacBook CD drive?

Yes, with the Final Cut Pro 7 (FCP 7) from Apple, it is easy to create Blu-ray content and burn it on your external CD drive for MacBook Air, or Mac Pro. You can conveniently burn videos and images onto Blu-ray discs and play them back on AVCHD devices at your leisure. It is a hybrid procedure that deviates from 'true' Blu-ray, so to watch HD videos, Blu-ray DVDs burned from the external CD drive for MacBook Pro should be played back on an actual Blu-ray player.

How can you watch Blu-ray DVDs on your Mac?

After performing a few tiny tweaks to the Apple MacBook, you will be able to use your Apple USB SuperDrive to play Blu-ray content from your MacBook's screen. The first step is to acquire an external Blu-ray USB drive. There are several available options from renowned Blu-ray drive producers. By connecting a separate external drive, a Blu-ray DVD installs on the desktop of your Mac. For this, you'll require third-party software. You can easily get the free Mac Blu-ray player that allows you to enjoy your best Blu-ray content using the separate Mac CD drive on eBay.

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