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Backgammon rules

Backgammon is one of the most common types of games for two participants. It is carried out on a rectangular board, divided into two parts. The field is divided into 24 identical triangles, also known as points. They alternate on the board depending on the color: dark brown and light brown. The chips also come in two colors: black and white.

The goal of the game is to remove the checkers from the field before the opponent.

Backgammon online, free game no download


Free Backgammon Online Games No Download

  • The computer gives 15 checkers to each precinct, which are automatically located on the opposite side of the field for the player;
  • Each participant conditionally has his/her own territory on the board: a house and a yard;
  • At the very beginning of the game, the system puts checkers in the following sequence: starting from the left of each participant, 2 checkers—on the 24th point, 5—on the 13th point, 3—on the 8th point, 5—on the 6th point;
  • The movement of the checkers on the board depends on the points scored on the pairs of dice;
  • In backgammon, checkers are moved by rivals in a direction they meet for each other. Checkers, the house of which is located at the bottom of the board, moves clockwise, and those checkers whose house is located at the top, move counterclockwise;
  • A cell on the field is considered to be covered when it has at least one opponent’s chip on it. Cells of this kind are also called blots;
  • When a player lands on the blot, his/her opponent’s checker is considered to be beaten and transferred to the bar (a partition in the center of the field). To bring his/her chip back into the game, the participant must charge it: roll the dice cub, but instead of making a new lead, he/she needs to put the beaten checker at the very point that matches the number on the dice cub. A checker cannot be transferred to the indicated cell if it is already occupied by two or more opponent’s chips. Under this condition, the player has to skip the lead;
  • Participants move their checkers in the following direction: the opponent’s house → the opponent’s yard → own yard → own house;
  • The dice cubs determine the number of moves a player can make with one or two chips at a time. If it is possible to lead with two checkers, then each dice cub is responsible for the movement of only one checker;
  • If the same number of points (double) fell on the dice, then the player has the right to make the proper number of steps with each chip twice;
  • Checkers are removed from the field after the player has brought all 15 chips to his/her home. But their removal from the game board also has certain logic: dice cubs are thrown, and a checker corresponding to the number on the dice is brought out of the field (for example, if the number three fell on the dice, then the player need to remove the chip from the third point). It is also allowed to move checkers inside the house from one cell to another;
  • Until the moment there are checkers on the bar, the participant cannot remove other chips from the board.


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Backgammon online, free game no download pc

The winner of the game is the one who first made all his/her checkers outside the playing field.