Backup Mac Hard Drive To External For Transfer To Windows

  • To stop excluding an item, such as an external hard drive, select the item and click the remove (–) button. If you back up to multiple disks, you can press and hold the Option key, then choose Browse Other Backup Disks from the Time Machine menu. Learn about other ways to back up and restore files.
  • There are four main ways to save data (or 'backup') to your external drive: manually (using the copy & paste or the drag & drop method), creating image/clone backups, using a backup software, and using backup programs included within Windows or MacOS.
  • For Mac users: G-Technology Portable External Hard Drive 2TB From the sleek design to the pre-formatting, this terabyte-sized drive is perfect for Mac users who need a little extra space and offers the transfer rate up to 140MB/s for accessing all your files.
  • If you do have a Mac nearby, you can always connect that Time Machine drive to the Mac, hold the Option key, click the Time Machine icon on the menu bar, and select “Browse Other Backup Disks.” You can then extract your important files from the Time Machine backup and copy them to an external drive formatted with the FAT32 file system.

Need to transfer files from old PC to new PC

Do you own a computer that has been used for years? Do you loathe the slow booting and running speed of your current computer? Do you want to have both a laptop and a desktop so that you can work and play on different devices? It’s time to buy yourself a new computer.

To put in simple words, if you want to share the external hard drive between Macintosh and Windows PC, you need to format an external hard drive for the respective system. Hard drives for Windows PC are formatted with NTFS by default, while hard disks for Mac are formatted with HFS+.

After getting a new PC, you can choose to use the new preinstalled OS or copy Windows image to the new computer to enjoy old configuration. Besides OS, another important thing is your personal data. How to transfer your files, photos, music and all that stuff from your old PC to new PC? Please read on.

Transfer files to a new computer using an external hard drive

To transfer files using an external hard drive, you should first choose an appropriate external drive. You may take the following factors into consideration:

  • Storage capacity: the drive should be large enough to hold all your data.

  • Transfer speed: usually SSDs process data faster than HDDs and newer connector types like USB-C and USB 3.1/3.2 work faster than old USB-A and USB 2.0.

  • USB port: check the specifications of your old and new PC to find out what USB ports and connectors they have.

After getting a right external hard drive, you can follow the steps below to transfer files from your old computer to a new computer:

1. Copy files from your current PC to the external drive

1.1. Connect the external hard drive to your current PC via a USB cable.

1.2. On the taskbar, select File Explorer.

1.3. Locate the files or folders you wish to transfer. Then, copy them to the external hard drive by copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop.

Tip: To copy multiple files/folders at once, you can select them while holding CTRL.

2. Verify your files are correct and safely remove the external drive.

Tip: To remove the device safely, you need to right click on the device and select Eject before you disconnect it from your PC.

3. Transfer files from external hard drive to your new computer

3.1. Connect the external hard drive to your new PC via a USB cable.

3.2. Select File Explorer from your taskbar.

3.3. Locate the files or folders on the external drive and select them.

Backup entire computer to external hard drive

3.4. At the top of the window, select Copy to under the Home tab. Then select the folder you'd like the files/folders copied to or choose a custom location by selecting Choose location....

3.5. Wait for the files to be transferred. After it is done, you can navigate to their new location to make sure the files were successfully copied over.

3.6. Safely remove the external drive.

The steps to transfer files using an external hard drive aren’t complicated. However, if you don’t want to purchase an external hard drive and a USB cable, you can turn to a free file transfer tool.

Transfer files to another computer with a free transfer tool

AOMEI Backupper Standard, the best free file sync software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, can help you transfer files to a new computer easily.

Basic sync: it allows you to sync files from one folder/disk/computer to another one.
NAS/cloud sync: it supports plenty of NAS devices and cloud drives. You can use it to sync files to Synology NAS or mirror folders to Dropbox, etc.
Automatic sync: it enables you to set a schedule to run file sync automatically.

To transfer files to a new computer in Windows 10/8/7 without an external drive, you need to do the following preparations:

● Create a shared folder on your old computer.
Create a new folder and right click on it. Then select Give access to > Specific people to specify people you want to share files with and set permission level.
● Turn on network discovery on both computers.
Open File Explorer and go to Network. If you see the Network discovery is turned off banner, click on it and select Turn on network discovery and file sharing.

Transfer files from old PC to new PC over network

Step 1. Download and install this free file transfer tool on your old computer. Run the program, click Sync and select Basic Sync.

Download Freeware


Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Secure Download

Backup Mac Hard Drive To External For Transfer To Windows 7

Note: To enjoy more advanced sync modes – Mirror Sync, Real-Time Sync and Two-Way Sync, you may upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Step 2. Edit the task name based on your need. Click Add Folder to select the folders you want to transfer to your new computer.

Step 3. Expand the drop-down menu of the second bar and choose Select a network location.

Step 4. In the pop-up window, click Add Share or NAS Devices. Then,type the IP address of the old computer and click OK. Type username and password if necessary.

Step 5. Choose the shared folder you just created to store the folders to be transferred and click OK.

Backup Mac Hard Drive To External For Transfer To Windows 9

Step 6. Confirm the operation and click Start Sync to begin the syncing process.

Copy files to new computer from the shared folder

1. Open File Explorer and go to Network. Find the old computer’s name and double click it to access the shared folder.

2. Copy the folders in the shared folder and paste them to the corresponding location on your new computer.


You have learned how to transfer files to a new computer using an external hard drive in this article. If you don’t want to purchase an external hard drive and a USB cable, you can use AOMEI Backupper to transfer files from old PC to new PC over network. Apart from the sync feature, AOMEI Backupper owns the clone feature that can help you upgrade hard drive in Windows 10. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Mac SATA Hard Drive

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hard drives are widely used disks. All thanks to its attributes like quick data transfer through higher signalling rates, native hot swapping, reduced cable size & cost, and much more.

However, despite being so intuitive, at times it too starts failing due to one or other reason like firmware or electrical. When such condition strikes in, Mac hard drive recovery from an inaccessible SATA hard drive becomes a foremost need to avoid data loss and any possible impact on business.

To understand, let us consider a real-life example of John

“A few days back, I got my MacBook Air repaired from the Apple store. They replaced my old hard drive with a brand new SATA. Further, for my convenience, they also transferred the data from my older drive to a new SATA drive. However, now after a few days, I realized that there are a few missing files that I need urgently. I don’t know why they were missed in the data transferring process, the only important point hovering in my mind right now is its retrieval. Unfortunately, I do not have a backup. Thankfully, Apple gave a ray of hope by providing me with my older drive, and it is still functional partially.

Now, the only big query, how can I recover my missing files from my older & at-times visible disk. Please advise!”

Best Way to Recover Data from Mac SATA hard drive

By unveiling the results of several discussions done on forums, it will not be erroneous to state that converting Mac SATA hard drive to an external drive is a viable solution.

Next, how to go about the conversion of internal Mac SATA to an external drive?

The process to convert Mac SATA hard drive to an external for data recovery is very simple.

What is required from you?

How To Backup Computer To External Drive

  • Your Partially Functioning Hard Drive
  • A Brand New External Drive Enclosure (You can purchase it from Amazon or eBay)
  • A screwdriver to bolt and unbolt the enclosure screws

Step 1. Unscrew all the screws and remove the brackets from hard drive.

Step 2. Open up the enclosure and slide the hard drive into the enclosure in the right way up as per the SATA Port orientation.

Step 3. Bolt the screws

You have successfully placed the SATA drive into the enclosure. Next, attach the enclosure to your Mac using the included USB cable to recover the data.

Now, when you connect the SATA drive to your system, you may encounter two scenarios as mentioned in the below figure.

Scenario 1: You Can See the Drive on Desktop

In this case, simply copy all the data from the drive to your new Macintosh HD. Adding more, you can also Clone or Image the older SATA drive using Disk Utility.

Scenario 2: You Cannot See the Drive on Desktop

If you are unable to view your Drive on Desktop or Finder even after placing it in an enclosure, then go to Disk Utility and verify it in the list of the unmounted drive.

Backup Mac Hard Drive To External For Transfer To Windows 10

Fortunately, if you can find it over there, then you can trust Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac software to regain inaccessible data from your SATA external hard drive. This software is coined as the best Mac data recovery tool because of its smart attributes like recovery from a Corrupt disk, Time Machine hard drive, BootCamp Partition and Encrypted Media, etc.

Watch the Video to Know – How Stellar Data Recovery for Mac Works?

Backup Data From Mac To External Hard Drive


Go for placing your internal SATA Mac disk drive into a brand new enclosure. Fortunately, if this works, you will be able to copy back your files. However, in case, it doesn’t work as planned, then leverage Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac to scan and recover the converted SATA drive for recovering files.

Give a free shot to the Stellar Data Recovery application. The software is macOS Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave compatible.