Dell D6000 Displaylink Driver Mac


Up until 2009, a few devices based on DisplayLink technology included an auto install driver feature. This required the DisplayLink USB driver to switch the device from being a mass storage device to a video device.

The Dell D6000 docking station works, and works on Catalina.

Dell Universal Dock D6000 Drivers Download

Updating to Dell D6000 firmware to A03 and using the DisplayLink 5.2.1 Beta 3 drivers ( worked for me - but updating the firmware was the real fix. It looked like mine was never updated.

Here's a link ( to download the firmware installer to anyone else reading this (need to install on Windows, plug the power into the wall and the usb into the computer).

Dell D6000 Displaylink Driver MacDisplaylink

Oct 30, 2019 1:32 PM