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The Reign of Giants DLC was announced on January 15, 2014 and released on April 30, 2014 on PC (Windows/Linux/Mac) and on July 22, 2014 on PlayStation 4. Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants is an expansion pack that adds new characters, seasons, creatures, biomes, and other challenges to Don’t Starve. Behind The Iron Curtain,Ejercicios Para Adelgazar,Interviews with Giants: Edition 4,Order of Battle Winter War Mac Download,Order of Battle Winter War PC Download,Order of Battle Winter War Physical with Free download,The Mistress,Farm Frenzy 3 - (PC, English),Interviews with Giants: Edition 3,Operation Barbarossa - The Struggle for Russia. Please enter your key. © 2021 GIANTS Software GmbH, Switzerland, All Rights Reserved. Imprint Privacy Policy.

Realistic farming simulation game

Farming Simulator 17 by Giants Software puts you in the shoes of a modern-day farmer. The massive open-world lets you choose how you want to develop your land, while a host of new features, characters, and mechanics make the eighth release in this series more immersive than ever.

Farm and grow

This game takes the Cities: Skylines premise and flips it on its head, having you take a step back to a simpler time. The realistic North American environment opens the doors to endless farming possibilities on your Windows PC.

Another aspect of the game has a Tycoon approach. Like in Stardew Valley, you start on a small field with only a few coins in your pocket. You’ll plow and fertilize fields, plant crops, rear animals, manage your finances, and sell goods on the market.

Plus, you get a selection of over 250 pieces of equipment and farming vehicles from various real-life manufacturers, such as Massey Ferguson and Valtra. The recent releases also feature more eco-friendly fertilizers and solutions.

Complete missions

There’s a purpose behind the zen field plowing. Your ultimate goal is to buy the entire map of available land and make your farm as big as possible. Other farmers give you missions that earn funds and experience points to facilitate land purchases.

With time, you’ll start growing more complicated crops that sell for more. If you gather enough money, you can also begin ranching, which makes the gameplay more engaging and challenging.

Another option is generating green energy, which brings you passive income if you place windmills or solar panels on empty land.

Online multiplayer

You can play solo or join the online multiplayer action. There’s a dedicated community creating mods to spice up the gameplay. The game supports co-op for up to 16 people.

The person running the DLC chooses who can enter through an invite. Players join work as a group, controlling the farm and the resources with a common goal.

Our take

Overall, Farming Simulator 17 is a well-developed game that delivers what it promises. It’s smooth, looks great, and provides hours of entertainment.

Should you download it?

Giants Pc Game Download Windows 10

Yes. If you enjoy simulations, this game is an entertaining way to unwind while keeping you engaged with your farm’s future.


  • Immersive gameplay
  • Beautiful maps
  • Realistic vehicles
  • In-game missions
  • Developed trading system
Giants Uprising Free Download PC Game

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Upgrade your equipment, and consistently increase your skill level to put an end to the way humanity is exploiting your race once and for all! Use fists, clubs, crossbows, shields, and swords. Crush people with the strength of your mighty blows. Raze settlements, villages, and towns to the ground. Collect the in game currency needed to buy better weapons, armors and improve your skills. Reclaim your right to freedom and show the humans the power of a Giant’s wrath!

The time of revenge has come

Magic – a mythic power that can shape the world. Be a source of power for one and a reason of enslavement of the other. A weak human race would be of no threat to mighty giants if it wasn’t for a magical fungus called Micselium that their ancestors once brought to Earth. The mankind has seized its power to build their cities and fight the opponents that would normally be out of reach. Such as once glorious giants race. Now humiliated, enslaved and used as a free working and fighting force. You’re one of them. Caught and locked in a cage like a mindless beast. But unlike the rest of your keen you were lucky enough to release yourself. Now you feel how the anger and the lust for revenge grow in you as you realize most of your Giant brothers are gone. Find out what happened to them and serve the human race the punishment they deserve.

Feel the Giants’ anger and…

– Experience the thrill of being a powerful, fearless giant who crushes everything that stands in his way.

– Terrify and destroy in Smash Mode and show people who’s the most powerful Giant out there.

– Pimp your gear consisting of hammers, clubs, cudgels or knuckle-dusters to increase your chances against humans.

– Collect the in game currency needed to buy more advanced equipment.

– Discover a fantastic medieval world enriched with an atmospheric soundtrack!


    • OS: TBA
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: TBA
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: TBA

How to Install Giants Uprising

  • Download: Installer of the Game
  • Install: Then run the “.exe“ and start to install the game
  • Accept: The terms and conditions to continue the installation. Wait till complete installation
  • Play: The game and have fun!
  • Support: the web, that shares the game you enjoy truly!

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