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Free online Hidden Object games featuring spine-tingling mysteries and great adventures. Hidden Object Download now. Dig the Ground 5. Match 3 Download now.

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Challenge and exercise your eyesight, observation skills and concentration levels online, and play fun, free hidden object brain-teaser puzzles and spot the difference games for children, teens & all the family on Learn4Good.com. Play classic-style, hidden object games to cool new mystery puzzle game ideas - From easier to the more difficult visual exercises. Test your sleuthing skills, and enjoy the fun with best friends and family members.


Spot The Difference 2 is a game geared towards the principles of observation and attention, using realistic photos, of just about anything, as their subjects. You will be presented with an image and its copy; you will then need to notice and spot all of the differences that exist between the two. Spot The Difference 2 is a great family-friendly game and is suitable for all ages.

Find the Candy asks you to sort through a messy room and find the greatest prize of all: candy. Yummy and fun!

This colorful and bright game is made with excellent art and lots of personality. It is easy to follow and play but takes a lot of thought and brain power to really master. It is fun for one player or a couple people sitting side by side.

Keep your eyes wide open as you take on a fun and challenging, hidden object-based puzzle game! Kids Hidden Object is a straight-forward, online visual puzzle activity for kids where you must pick out specific hidden items dotted around a cluttered game environment. Playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC, you must scour each scene, detective-style, to find the items listed at the side of the play area.


Skills required: This interactive brain teaser game requires really sharp observation skills, top concentration levels, great determination, lots of patience, and the keen eye to pick out minute details from a larger picture. Try to keep distractions to a minimum if you want to be a top sleuthing success!

Detective Photo Difference Game is a challenging game where you have to find the differences between the two photos given. You can use the magnifying glass to look more closely at the images and find the differences.

Hidden Object Games No Download

Underwater Hidden Numbers will take you deep under the ocean on a hunt for numbers that are seemingly impossible to find. But they're all there, you just have to be the good underwater detective and find them.

Hidden Objects Hello USA is a great hidden objects game where you explore the USA. There are 16 levels inspired by this country's natural beauties, monuments and bustling cities. Can you find all of them?

Press the Different Shaped Quadrangle is a fun puzzle game where you will be challenged to select the correct figure in each section. The two-game modes have you look for a square or a rectangle. They can be placed on the screen at different angles so make sure you are looking well and consider the different options.

Spot The Different Animal is a challenging game where you have to pick the odd one out!

Detective Hidden Object Games No Download

Can you find the only one with a difference? This game is not for the faint of heart! You will need a keen eye and quick wit to discover the difference and pick it out. There are one-hundred and twenty-eight animal faces to choose from in each level and the clock is ticking! How many levels can you beat?

LOL Spot The Difference is a great spot the difference game for kids!

Can you see the details that others miss? Then this game may be for you! Find all five of the differences in the levels for this game and be victorious! The differences may be a small detail but we know you can do it! Challenge yourself and try to find them all! Don’t worry too much either, this game was made for kids to have fun! The game will help you by providing hints if you are ever stuck, so no one will feel too bad since you’ll always have hints!

Spot The Difference is the ultimate game of observational skill and focus where you must try your best to notice the smallest of differences. In Spot The Difference, you will be given an image and a near-identical copy of it; your task will then be to spot and find all of the differences that appear between the two images. To make matters harder, Spot The Difference only uses realistic photos of animals, people and everyday things. See if you or the family can spot the smallest of differences in this truly fun and addictive game.

Hello Winter is a find-the-object game. Although it's yuletide-themed, the classic gameplay and lively music will make you feel the holiday spirit at any point of the year. Feast on the beautifully painted landscapes and sharpen your eyes! It's time to spot the object in Hello Winter.

Jungle 5 Diffs is a spot-the-difference game where you need to look at every detail to win!

Could it be a part of the animal? Maybe something in the background? You have to pay attention! Check for any differences in the two pictures and find five of them before time runs out! It could be anything from missing leaves, a notch in a branch, or even different color body parts. This is a great game for kids to work on item identification, spatial analysis, and short-term memory while also being a relaxing game for anyone to enjoy! There are twenty levels total. Can you get through them all?

Halloween Hidden Numbers Is a fun game that helps kids learn numbers!

This game does a great job of hiding numbers! Challenge a learning child to find them all, but it’s a race against the clock! Be careful, you can’t just click all over the place to find the numbers! The game will know and you’ll start losing time for every wrong click you make. You can always retry, but you’ll have to start all over again if you fail! Complete levels to earn rewards of cute and scary monsters and animals! Who doesn’t love that? Test your skills on all of the six cool and challenging levels available!

Hidden Object Games No Download

Spot The Differences puts you against the clock to find five things that aren’t the same between two similar pictures.

It’s a race against the clock! Find the five differences between both pictures before time runs out. But be careful! Wrong picks will take away time, bringing you closer to defeat! Be careful and choose your clicks wisely. You earn coins for completing levels and you can also earn them by watching ads. It costs energy to try a new level but you can also earn these by watching ads in the game. Tips are available but cost coins to use. This game is a great brain teaser for when you have a bit of time on your hands!

Find Differences Bunny is a kid’s friendly game where you have to look for the differences in the two photos given per level. You have four tries before losing the level and having to start from the beginning. Every time you find a difference a green circle will appear to mark it.

Free Online Hidden Object Games No Download