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Steps to Move your Photos Library to an External Drive Attach your external hard drive to your Mac. If you have not yet done so, format the drive. We suggest using the same filesystem format that you are using on your internal hard drive. Open a Finder window and verify that your new storage device is correctly attached. Jul 28, 2017 10:14 AM in response to MegB In response to MegB. Quit and reopen Photos with the option/alt key held down and select the Library on the external Drive as the system Library. Go to Photos/Preferences/iCloud and set up syncing. Then go to System Preferences/iCloud, sign in, and check Photos syncing. Once you have connected the hard drive, open a Finder window. Inside, in the left column click on the hard drive to see its content, and navigate to the folder where you want to put your photos. Now, open the Photos application and enter your preferences. To do this, when you have the application in the foreground, click on the top bar on the.

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How To Move Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive

Backup is very important for computer usage since your business data or personal data may be lost suddenly from a computer. Data loss is a common and eternal topic on the internet. Well, backup is the most direct and effective way to prevent data loss and avoid unnecessary problems caused by it. This page on MiniTool will show you how to backup Mac to external hard drive in 5 ways.

Backup, also called data backup, is actually a copy of computer data. It is saved elsewhere on computer or external device so that it can be used to restore the original data when they are missing or corrupted. Backup is a simple and the most effective way to prevent important data loss.

How to backup Mac to external hard drive is asked frequently when users have valuable data stored on Mac. Why backup to external hard drive, not internal hard drive? There are mainly 3 reasons:

  • The backup should be made regularly and it will occupy much disk space.
  • The internal hard drive, especially the old ones, can get full easily.
  • It’s easier to access an external drive: the external drive can be accessed from any devices while you can’t access the internal drive if your Mac is crashed/dead.

Please read the following ways carefully to know how to backup Mac yourself (these ways work for how to backup MacBook to external hard drive, how to backup iMac to external hard drive, etc.).

Tip: Please don’t waste any time hesitating; just get a powerful data recovery tool for Mac and use it to restore the lost data ASAP!

How to Backup Mac (Using Time Machine)

Microsoft provides different ways to help Windows users backup computer to external hard drive: System Restore and File History. Likewise, Apple also offers a built-in tool to help people backup Mac to external drive: it's called Time Machine.

Back Up your Mac with Time Machine

How to backup a Mac: 4 steps.

Step 1: connect an external hard drive.

Please prepare an external disk with enough capacity and connect it to your Mac through USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt.

Please don’t get anxious when your hard drive not showing up Mac; there are several solutions to get Mac to recognize an external hard drive.

Step 2: open Time Machine and select disk.

  1. Click Apple menu -> select System Preferences -> click Time Machine.
  2. Click on the Select Backup Disk button (it's also named Select Disk in some systems).
  3. Select the external disk you connected as the backup disk from the list.
  4. You can check Encrypt backups to secure your backup.
  5. You can also click on the Options button to decide which data to backup.

Step 3: erase disk or stop backing up to the previous disk.

  • If the disk you selected to back up data is not formatted by Time Machine, you should click Erase in the prompt window to confirm.
  • If you have used another disk for backup before, you’ll be asked Do you want to stop backing up to the previous disk and use the new disk, or back up to both. Please make your choice.

Step 4: wait for the backing up process.

The backup process will be started and processed automatically, so you should just wait until it’s completed. After that, you can remove the external drive from your Mac.

How to Backup Mac to External Hard Drive without Time Machine (4 Ways)

What if you don’t want to backup Mac to external hard drive using Time Machine? luckily, you have many other choices.

Backup Mac to External Hard Drive Using Disk Utility

How to backup Mac to external hard drive using Disk Utility:

  1. Connect the external hard drive to Mac.
  2. Open Disk Utilities from Finder -> Applications.
  3. Select the external disk.
  4. Click Erase and confirm your action.
  5. Confirm the Name, Format, and Scheme.
  6. Click Erase and wait.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Open the external hard drive and create a new folder named Backup or anything else.
  9. Navigate to the file/folder you want to backup, copy it manually.
  10. Go to the Backup folder and paste the file/folder.

Backup Mac to iCloud

Export Pictures To External Drive

iCloud is a good choice to keep a backup of your data. It allows you to back up data on many different devices like Mac, iPhone or iPad. Then, you can access the backup data anywhere you want.

How can you backup your Mac to iCloud:

Some users would like to know how to backup Mac to iCloud, in addition to backing up Mac with Time Machine (the built-in backup software).

Backup Mac Using Cloud Storage Services

How to transfer photos from macbook to external hard drive 2019

Online backup service is also a good choice for backing up your MacBook. How to back up MacBook? There are many choices for you.

  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Etc.

You should just follow the on-screen instructions to finish backup.

Backup Mac with Third-party Backup Software

There is a lot of third-party backup software designed for Mac. You should choose a professional one that won’t bring any damage to your system and disk.

That's all about how to back up Mac on an external hard drive.

In this video, I'll show you how to safely move your Photos library to an external hard disk and free up an amazing amount of space in the process. Connect the external hard drive to your mac using a USB cable and wait until the hard drive successfully connected to your computer. (Name of the drive should appear on your Mac screen). Step 2: Open “Finder”, then locate the files to move to external hard drive. How to use an external drive to store your photos library on a Mac. This will help you free up space on your Mac I am using this on a Mac Mini 2020 with Cata. Copy photos to the external drive. Connect the external drive to your Mac. (You might need to plug the drive into a power source.) Open Photos on your Mac. On the menu bar at the top of your screen, select Edit Select all. Select File Export. In the pop-up window, set Subfolder Format to Moment Name, select your external drive from the.

Moving Iphoto To External Drive

Your device memory space is meant to get exhausted, which was why there is a capacity to indicate the total amount of information that can be stored. An iPhone memory space gets filled up when the information stored on it exceeds its internal memory. Vital information such as photos, videos, audios, and many others is stored on a device for future purposes.

This information can be stored externally on Google drive, iCloud, or hard drive. But in this article, I will be introducing you to how you can transfer just one of this information, your photos, from your iPhone to an external hard drive.

Part 1: Transfer Photos from iPhone to External Hard Drive on Mac

Export Photos To External Hard Drive

Take the following steps to transfer photos from your iPhone to an external hard drive on Mac;

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to your Mac

Firstly, you need to connect the hard drive to your Mac and ensure it shows up in the finder’s sidebar.

To confirm that the hard drive is working, try to copy a file or anything from your Mac to it, and if does copies, then the hard drive is formatted to use with a Mac. If the hard drive doesn’t allow you to copy anything on it, you need to reformat it to FAT format.

Step 2: Connect your iOS Device to your Mac

Once your external storage is fit for the transfer, with the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to your Mac. Ensure this lightning cable is held firmly to both the Mac and iPhone, so there isn’t any error while transferring your photos.

Step 3: Launch Image Capture

When an iOS device is connected to a Mac, the image capture app launches itself automatically. However, if it doesn’t, you can do that manually by searching for it among the applications on your Mac using the Spotlight search (Cmd + Space shortcut) and launch.

After launching this application, you will find all the photos you shot on your iPhone right there. You can either select a few of the images you want to transfer or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + A to select all the images.

Step 4: Choose a Destination and Import

How To Transfer Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive 2018

Selecting the destination where you want to import your images is very important. By default, images are imported to the Picture folder, but you can change this by selecting ‘others’ clicking the drop-down button and then selecting a folder using the external hard drive as a source.

Once you’ve selected a folder on the external hard drive, click ‘Import’ and wait till the transfer is completed. While the completion time varies, it depends on the number of photos you are transferring.

Part 2: Transfer Photos to External Hard Drive on Windows

One unique thing about our device rich world is the compatibility of an iOS device with a non iOS gadget. For this reason, you can transfer your photos to an external hard drive on windows without stress. To ensure your windows is compatible with your iOS device, you need to download and install iTunes on your PC.

Take the following steps to accomplish this task;

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store from your device Start menu.
  2. Search for iTunes.
  3. Click on ‘Get iTunes’ to download.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded iTunes on your windows, launch it and accept iTunes License Software License Agreement.

Now that you’ve successfully installed the iTunes application on your PC, the transfer of photos to an external hard drive can be done without hindrance. Listed below are the steps required to successfully transfer photos on using Windows;

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC with the aid of a lightning cable
  2. Launch the Photo app from your PC Start menu
  3. At the top right corner of your Windows page, you will find the ‘Import’ button. Click on it
  4. Select the photos you will like to import, and click ‘Continue’.

The transfer process will commence immediately. Wait for some minutes for the process to come to completion. It’s very important for you to note that unpluging your device will terminate the transfer. Hence, it’s important for you to ensure everything is well fixed before you start the transfer.

Part 3: How to Transfer Photos to External Hard Drive without a Computer

Transferring photos to an external hard drive without a computer’s aid can be accomplished by connecting your iPhone directly to a potable external hard drive like SanDisk. Though this process is compatible with devices with iOS 8 and later versions.

How To Transfer Photos From Macbook To External Hard Drive 2019

Take the following steps to connect your iPhone to a potable external hard drive;

Step 1: With the aid of a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to an external hard drive. To confirm if your device is connected to the hard drive, click on ‘Files app’ button, then ‘Browse’.

How To Transfer Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive Seagate

Step 2: Locate and open the Photo app, then select the photos you want to transfer. Click the ‘Share’ button to transfer the photos to the Files app.

Step 3: On the Files app, choose the hard drive you want to save the iPhone photos

How To Transfer Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive High Sierra


Move Pictures From One Drive To Pc

Now you know how to transfer your images from your iPhone to external hard drives with or without the aid of a PC/Mac. Apply the steps given to back up your images and free your device from hanging or booting slowly.

How To Transfer Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive 2020

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