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EVO Planner - Awarded #1 Planner for 2020 by Glamour Magazine. EVO Personalized Focus System™. Elements Assessment™. This is a script for 3D MAX - Game Indefinite Modding Suite Evolved (GIMS Evo) with GTA V support. What can you do using the current version: Import and export collisions(OBN/OBD) Import and export models(ODR/ODD) Requirements: Hardware: +RAM: minimum 2 Gb(with equal or bigger swap file), recommended 4 or more.

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= drive

= view

c = change camera

r = repair

enter = reset car

t = slow time

u = arm up

Project Evo Game Download For Windows 10

j = arm down

i = fork up

k = fork down

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Evo F4 is a fourth part of Evo-F series. It is 3D car simulator game. Make your own car in the garage, drive truck or offroad car. Transport old non-funcional cars and repair them. Play for free on PacoGames.

About Game

Completely rewritten project based on the new CsDrive physics. The phylosophy of the game remains the same but new functions have been introduced such as the possibility of creating custom Decals that can be exported and shared. In this version it is also possible to configure many aesthetic and physical aspects of the vehicles, which also in this case can be exported and shared. In the level there is no lack of ramps and other physical objects to move and compose as you wish, which will remain in the last desired position. You can play with keyboard, mouse or gamepad or set your own custom controls. Have fun.


  • Five different cars - Sport car, offroad car, truck, fork lifter and non funcional old car
  • Multifuncional garage - make your unique car change colors, painting, wheels, wings etc or repair the old car here
  • You can find many ramps and places for stunts around the map
  • Realistic driving
  • Four different angles of camera
  • Suitable for all ages

Age rating: PACO3 ( for kids ✓ )

Published on 24 июн. 2020 г.

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Use joints, bones and muscles to build creatures that are only limited by your imagination. Watch how the combination of a neural network and a genetic algorithm can enable your creatures to 'learn' and improve at their given tasks all on their own.

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Ova Game

Created by @keiwando
Source Code:

For an extensive explanation on how everything works click on the '?' button in the editor (I highly recommend everybody to read it). I also recently compiled a lot of my answers to common questions in this FAQ.

Please be aware that this is more of an experimental simulator that a real game. There are no achievements or player rewards. Even if a creature of yours reaches 100% fitness, you don't win anything except for (hopefully) lots of excitement and joy.

Here's a video with some great creature designs by KeiraR that you can use as inspiration for your own creatures:

I created a collection of gifs of user created creatures over on my website. Do you have a cool creature design that you want to be featured? See here for more info.

Important note: If you want to save your own creatures you have to use the downloadable Mac / Windows / Android / iOS versions.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tagsartificial-intelligence, building, creatures, evolution, evolutionary-algorithm, genetic-algorithm, machine-learning, neural-network, Unity
LinksCreature Gif Collection


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Development log

  • Evolution 3.0 - This is a big update!
    Sep 20, 2019


Project Evo Game Download Free


Evo Game Snes