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  1. 1982

    • (1 vote)

    Go on a Retro-Gaming Mission in 1982

    1982 is a red game which - as its name suggestions - harks back to the bygone days of 1980s gaming for inspiration. Take control of a Space Invaders-like...

  2. Minecraft
    • (252989 votes)

    A game of creativity and survival in your pocket

    Minecraft for Android, formerly referred to as Minecraft Pocket Edition, is an adaptation of the popular Minecraft game from Mojang. This time it has been...

  3. Car Racing Adventure

    • (1005 votes)

    A fun car racing game for Windows PCs

    Car Racing Adventure is a straightforward adventure game for Windows PCs. The application mimics a range of fast arcade games for desktops and laptops....

  4. Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10

    • (475 votes)

    A classic card game!

    Classic Solitaire (Free) for Windows 10 is one of the most popular card games in the world. For many years, people have enjoyed the game on their desktops....

  5. Happy Chick

    • (1102 votes)

    An ideal emulator to play retro games

    Happy Chick is a simple yet powerful games emulator. It lets you play retro-style games from over 18 different games systems on your Android smartphone. The...

  6. Hamsterball

    • (1099 votes)

    Fun Frolics With This Absolute Ball of a Game

    Hamsterball is a crazy speedy game of dynamic movement and rolling. The player takes control of a hamster in its favourite toy a large and seemingly...

  7. Retro Brawl

    • (126 votes)

    Play the first version of Brawl Stars

    Retro Brawl is a free-to-play private server to the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game called Brawl Stars. It's a mod that lets you play the...

  8. Unturned
    • (6725 votes)

    An interesting block-style game!

    Unturned is a popular retro-style game in the sandbox category. Considering the graphics and features, it has the perfect blend of Minecraft and Day-Z....

  9. Sonic Mania

    • (2614 votes)

    Retro 2D platformer video game

    Sonic Mania is a modern version of the classic Sonic game from the 1990s. Sonic Mania commemorates the Sonic series by reviving the gameplay and graphics of...

  10. Papers, Please

    • (3656 votes)

    A unique role-playing game!

    Papers, Please is a fun and interesting game, which requires you to play the role of an immigration inspector. Your role is to ensure everyone passing...

  11. Ravenfield

    • (2315 votes)

    Ravenfield - Ravage Through the Battlefield

    Ravenfield is an action-adventure single-player game where players act as first-person shooters to navigate through a battleground sandbox to achieve a...

  12. Baldis Basics in Education and Learning

    • (2708 votes)

    Free 90s-inspired educational game

    Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a free adventure game that is set inside of a schoolhouse. The cross-platform title is compatible with...

  13. Contra: Evolution

    • (51 votes)

    A 2D Shooting Game That Will Rekindle Childhood Memories

    Contra: Evolution is an action-packed 2D game where you would be fighting against invading forces in the jungle of South Africa as a soldier. There are...

  14. Cuphead

    • (1636 votes)

    A classic cartoon-style action game!

    Cuphead is a popular indie game, which allows you to play the main character to fight cartoon-style bosses. As the name suggests, your character comes with a...

  15. Friday the 13th The Game

    • (1319 votes)

    Horror gaming with a retro feel

    Friday the 13th: The Game is a third-person computer game for PC that’s based on the highly popular horror film series. Like in the movies, killer Jason...

  16. Mari0

    • (2208 votes)

    A free reimagining of a classic retro arcade game

    Mari0 is a platform game that combines the characters, gameplay, and scenarios of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros and Valve’s Portal. Designed and developed by...

  17. Dragon Ball Z Devolution

    • (31 votes)

    Go Retro With Dragon Ball Z Devolution

    Dragon Ball Z Devolution is a free online fighter based upon the fan favourite Dragon Ball Z anime and manga franchise. Boasting a retro 8-bit visual style...

  18. Sim City 2000

    • (147 votes)

    Free retro city-building game

    SimCity 2000, created by Will Wright and Fred Haslam, is an open-ended city-building simulation video game. The game was released all the way back in 1993...

  19. Cyber Retro punk 2069

    • (55 votes)

    Experience sci-fi action with Cyber Retro Punk 2069

    Cyber Retro Punk 2069 is a first-person shooter set in a science fiction future. The player must fight through a horde of cunning enemies to free a hi-tech...

  20. I Wanna Be The Guy

    • (1098 votes)

    Toughest game ever?

    I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a purposefully rock hard platform game with a retro style that is designed to unfairly kill you at every turn. As...

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Retro Games

Sango Fighter (1993).rar
Sango Fighter 2 (1995).rar
Savage Warriors (1995).rar
Savage [CGA (1989)].rar
Savage [EGA (1989)].rar
Seal Team (1993).rar
Secret Agent (1992).rar
SF2IBM (1991).rar
SF2IBM Demo (1991).rar
Shadow Caster (1993).rar
Shadow Knights (1991).rar
Sharkey's 3D Pool (1990).rar
Shinobi (1988).rar
Silent Service 1 (1985).rar
Silent Service 2 (1990).rar
Silver Pinball (1993).rar
Silverball plus 2 (1993).rar
Sim City 2000 (1993).rar
Sinbad (1989).rar
Skunny Kart (1993).rar
Skunny Lost in Space (1993).rar
Skunny Special Edition (1995).rar
Sky Shark (1988).rar
Sleep Walker (1992).rar
Solar Winds (1992).rar
Space Quest 1 (1987).rar
Space Quest 2 (1988).rar
Space Quest 3 (1989).rar
Space Quest 4 (1991).rar
Space Quest 5 (1993).rar
Spear of Destiny (1992).rar
Spear Of Destiny Mission Packs (1994).rar
Speed Racer (1993).rar
Street Fighter 1 (1988).rar
Street Fighter 2 (1993).rar
Street Fighting Man (1989).rar
Street Rod 1 (1989).rar
Street Rod 2 (1990).rar
Stunt Car Racer (1990).rar
Summer Challange (1992).rar
Super Hang On (1987).rar
Super Off Road (1990).rar
Super Sango Fighter (1996).rar
Super Space Invaders (1991).rar
Super Street Fighter 2 (1995).rar
Superman (1989).rar
Surf Ninjas (1993).rar
Sword of Honour (1993).rar
Sword of Samurai (1989).rar
Syndicate (1993).rar
Syndicate Plus (1993).rar
System Shock (1994).rar