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Thank you in advance for any help. I appreciate it. I recently purchased a My Passport 2TB back up drive. I would like to take the files from my MacBook Pro and transfer them to a PC permanently. I will no longer be using the MacBook Pro. Once I have the files transferred, I would like to use the back up drive as a permanent back up for the PC. If the files are MP3, they are not “Mac files.” This is OS issue. Windows computers do not recognize or read OSX-formatted drives. Your best bet is to find a computer shop that will transfer the contents of the hard drive to another that is formatted using FAT or NTFS. Posted by yclipse at 7:16 PM on November 12, 2017. Format Hard Drive For Mac And PC Overview Of The Steps. You format your external hard drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system. You format your external hard drive to ExFAT. Then you can share the drive. Now, you can go ahead without step 1.

  1. Copy and Paste: Select a file, folder, or group of files, and then right-click. In the menu that pops up, select “Copy.”. Then navigate to the USB drive in Finder, right-click in an open area and select “Paste Item.”. The items will copy to the drive. You can also use the “Copy” and “Paste” commands in Finder’s Edit menu to do.
  2. Make Time Machine Backup to External Hard Drive. The first step is to back up all the data.
  3. Note that by default, the Mac will start booting up directly to the external hard drive until you change it. The second method to install OS X is to restart the Mac and press and hold the COMMAND + R keys. This will load up OS X Recovery. The OS X Utilities screen will appear and here you want to click on Reinstall OS X.

How To Transfer Files from Mac to External Hard Drive Without Formatting.

Mac OS X one of the best-operating systems for Apple computers there are lots of series of computers available in Apple Stores. But sometimes performing several tasks on mac are very difficult in this article we went to show you how to migrate folders and files of mac to an external hard drive.

So, first of all, you’ve to select the best external hard drives for mac backup from which you can easily restore important documents in case of the reboot of mac. Generate a backup on mac of videos, photos, and files on an external drive.

In thinking this over, maybe what I will do is buy a new (larger) internal hard drive, pull out the 320 GB disk, put in the new one, and then 'restore' over the contents of the 160 GB disk to the new one. Then I can pull out the 160 GB drive and replace it with the aforementioned 320 GB drive. Less data swapping that way, I think. When asked how you want to transfer your information, select the option to transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk. Is is possible to get a late 2010 iMac with a blank/new hard drive.

How To Migrate Files From Mac To Hard Drive

It was easy to move files from mac to mac but moving files from Mac to an external hard drive is kinda hard which also relate to recovering files from the external hard drive.

However, sometimes due to the virus and some other error the data stored in external hard drive corporate and to recover the files from external hard drive recovery software for mac.

Now focus on, given below steps by steps guides let you know how to transfer files from mac to an external hard drive.

Move Files To External Hard Drive (Drag and Drop)

Step 1

Connect the external hard drive to your Mac using a USB cable and wait until the hard drive successfully connected to your computer. (Name of the drive should appear on your Mac screen).

Step 2 :

Open “Finder”, then locate the files to move to the external hard drive.

Step 3 :

Create a New Folder in the hard drive, then drag each file you want to backup from the Mac system to an external hard drive.

Step 4 :

Close the external hard drive once all files moved to from mac to the external hard drive.

Using Disk Utility To Transfer Files Mac To External Hard Drive

Transfer Os To New Hard Drive Mac Air Free

Sometimes your external hard drive doesn’t allow you to transfer files from Mac. Because it’s your hard drive may be formatted with NTFS which is normal in a windows environment.

While OS X is able to READ from a drive that is formatted at NTFS, it cannot WRITE to one. You will get a warning saying that the drive cannot be modified. To fix this error you’ve to use Disk Utility. Remember to save everything to Mac before formatting the apple external hard drives.

How To Formatted External Hard Drive In Mac OS X

Step 1 :

Plug-In external hard drive to Mac using the USB cable. Wait until the hard drive name appears on Mac Desktop screen.

Step 2 :

In Mac OS X disc into your Mac and restart your computer. Continue pressing the “C” key when the system is started.

Step 3 :

Choose the language and then select Disk Utility from the utility menu. Now select the disk which you want to connect to your mac and click on “Verify Disk”.

Step 4 :

Click on “Repair Disk” button to repair the external hard drive. Click on “New Image” and named your hard drive then select “128-bit” or “256-bit AES” from the encryption menu to add security to the backup.

Step 5 :

Click on the “Save” button and type the administration password, Conform it. (Wait till the process to begins).

Step 6 :

Now choose the new backup from the device. After completing the imaging process, select ”Image” and then Click on “Scan Image for Restore”.

Step 7 :

Press “Command Q” when the scan completes and then again press the same key to quit the Mac OS X Installer window.

Reformat The External Hard Drive In Mac OS X

Transfer Files From Mac To Pc Formatted Hard Drive

In my research. I’ve found that lots of Mac users how to purchase a new hard drive for mac. When they connected that hard drive to the Mac OS X system. The external Mac hard drive successfully connected to mac but files can’t transfer.

Transfer Os To New Hard Drive Mac Not Recognized

To resolve this issue, you’ve to reformat your external hard drive using Mac OS Extended option.

Step 1 :

Connect hard drive to Mac via USB slots.

Step 2 :

Now go to Utilities Folder > Disk Utility. Select the external hard drive.

Step 3 :

As long as you don’t have any important files in the external hard drive, choose the “Ease” Tab and then select “Mac OS Extended(Journaled)”.

Step 4 :

Transfer Os To Hdd

Enter the new name of the drive and Click Erase.

I hope any of these methods will work for you to transfer files from mac to external hard drives with or without formatting the drive. Give your feedback via the comment box.

Are you still confused by how to copy photos from iCloud to external hard drive? Follow this guide you can easily move your favorite photos from iCloud to any external hard drive.

Go to your Google Drive Settings, Select create a google photos folder. Once your photos all appear in your google drive you can just right click on the folder and download it to your External Hard Drive. Transferring Data From a Mac to PC via an External Hard Drive. Mac OS X and Windows can both read and write to disks in the FAT or ExFat format. Because Mac OS X Mountain Lion does not natively support writing to an external NTFS drive, you must erase your hard disk and format it using a compatible file system.

iCloud Transfer Tips

Export Data from iCloud

For most of the iOS users, iCloud is the very choice they choose to backup iPhone data, especially photos. As long as you enable the iCloud Photo Library and connect your iDevice to Wi-Fi, you can easily save all your photos to iCloud for preservation.

Also, iCloud Photo Library allows you to view files once the iCloud account logged in, like transferring photos from iCloud to an external hard drive for further use. Then how can you do that? Hence in this article, we will introduce how to easily move photos from iCloud to external hard drive on Windows PC and Mac. Check below and get iCloud photos to compuetr/hard drive quickly.

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Select All iCloud Photos to Transfer with AnyTrans (PC/Mac)

If you want to select all photos on iCloud to transfer, then AnyTrans can help. As a professional iOS data management tool, it can help you easily manage your photos on iPhone/iPad/iPod, also notes, music, videos, contacts, etc. Besides, the iCloud Manager on AnyTrans enables you to download iCloud files selectively or wholly. You can check its features as below:

AnyTrans – A Brilliant iCloud Manager

  • Manage iCloud Photos, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Videos.
  • Directly download iCloud files to hard drive or computer.
  • Transfer photos to iCloud from iDevice or computer.
  • Support deleting iCloud photos or other files, sync data between iClouds.

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

Free Download100% Clean & Safe

To transfer iCloud photos to external hard drive selectively:

Step 1. Download AnyTrans on your computer and connect your external hard drive to the computer > Click iCloud Manager > Sign in your Apple ID > Click Photos.

Click Photos from iCloud Manager

Step 2. Choose photos you want to transfer (you can Select All from the top-left corner) > Click the Download button.

Select all photos on iCloud to transfer:

Go to the homepage of iCloud Manager > Click Content to PC > Select export path and check Photos category > Click Next to start transferring.

Transfer the Whole Photos Category

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How to Download iCloud Photos with

As iCloud offers storage for users to save content, it also enables users to download it back. This method will introduce the way to export iCloud photos to the computer from the website, please follow the step-by-step guide below to see how to do it.

Step 1. Get Photos from iCloud to Computer

  1. Go to on your computer, log in with your Apple ID.
  2. You will see the interface below when you log in > Choose Photos to start to manage your iCloud Photos.
  3. Find the photos you want to save to the external hard drive, click the download button on the upper right corner (You can choose to only download original photos or edited photos included).

    Select Photos to Download

Export Pictures To External Drive

Step 2. Drag & Drop Photos Stored in Computer to Hard Drive

When the downloading process is finished, the photos you choose are successfully exported to your computer. Then connect your external hard drive to the computer via a USB cable, copy and paste the downloaded photos to it.

If you want to select all photos on iCloud, you can tap Ctrl+A. Then, you can download iCloud photos 1000 photos or less. But doesn’t allow to transfer photos more than 1000 with one-click.

Transfer Photos from Photos App to External Hard Drive on Mac

  1. Connect your hard drive with Mac and create a new folder in it.
  2. Open the Photos app on your Mac.
  3. Select the photos you want to transfer and choose Export from the File menu (also, here you can choose to only download original photos or edited photos included).

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The Bottom Line

In this way, you can easily save iCloud photos to your external hard drive both on PC and Mac. Moreover, AnyTranscan help you download photos from iCloud to external hard drive with ease, other kinds of iOS data like contacts, notes, ringtones, etc also supported. Besides, you can upload data to icloud, merge two iCloud accounts, etc. Download AnyTrans to start a pleasant iCloud management tour.

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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It is quite likely that you store digital photos on your Mac computer. If you are like most users, your photo library is an ever-expanding entity as you regularly add new images and never get around to deleting any of the older ones. After a while, the storage demands of your library can start to add up and cause lack of space issues on your internal storage device.

Professional photographers and videographers are even more prone to running into a storage issue due to the size of their Photo libraries. We are making the assumption that you know how to move your photos from your iPhone to your Mac, and that your photo library is on your computer’s internal hard drive.

There is a simple solution that can be used whether you earn your living with your photos or just like to take a lot of pictures. What you need to do is to move photos from your Mac to an external hard drive.

We are going to show you how to do that, as well as point you toward a few externals storage devices that will work very well as repositories for your photo libraries. Near the end of the article, we will show you how to recover photos that may be accidentally deleted from your external hard drive.

How to Move Your Photos Library to an External Hard Drive

Let’s take a look at how to transfer photos from a Mac to an external hard drive. As with any major modification that you will be making to your computer or storage system, we recommend that you make sure that you have a good backup of your device before proceeding.

This adds a little time to the whole process, but in the event that something goes wrong during the data move, you will be glad that you have that backup. Just imagine all of your photos gone for good.

Steps to Move your Photos Library to an External Drive

  1. Attach your external hard drive to your Mac.
  2. If you have not yet done so, format the drive. We suggest using the same filesystem format that you are using on your internal hard drive.
  3. Open a Finder window and verify that your new storage device is correctly attached. You should see it listed under Locations in the Finder Window.
  4. From the left panel in the Finder window, select Pictures. If Pictures is not an option, go into Finder’sPreferences> Sidebar and check the box Pictures.
  5. Right click on the Photos library icon and select Get Info. Verify that you have enough free space for the library on the external drive.
  6. Drag and drop the Photos library icon onto the hard drive icon either in Finder or on your Desktop.
  7. Wait for the copy to complete. The elapsed time will vary based on the size of your library.
  8. When finished copying, hold down the option key while launching the Photos app.
  9. Click Other Library and navigate to the new location on the external device.
  10. In the Photos app, click on Preferences> General and select ‘Use as System Photo Library’. This is mandatory if you use iCLoud with your Photo library.
  11. Go to System Preferences> iCloud > Photos > Options. Select iCloud Photo Library to turn iCloud back on for your Photos.
  12. Disconnect your external hard drive and verify that all of your photos are indeed in the Photo library on the device. Once you are certain that the process is completed, you can drag the Photo library on your Mac to the Trash.
  13. If you want to immediately free up hard disk space, empty your Trash to permanently delete the photos.

At the end of this procedure, your external hard drive will contain all of the photos from your Photos library that were previously stored on your Mac. You have also freed up all of the space that they previously occupied. Nice work.

3 Best External Hard Drives for Storing Photos

There are many fine external storage devices from which to choose to hold your iPhoto libraries. Here are three of them.

Western Digital My Passport

You can obtain this external drive in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from 1TB to 4TB. It is self-powered and features password protection and hardware encryption. WD My Passport is compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces. It includes WD backup software that can be set to automatically protect your data on a timed schedule. It comes formatted for Windows but can be formatted for use on a Mac.

G-Technology G-Drive Mobile SSD R-Series

This drive is available in sizes up to 2TB and since it is an SSD drive, provides enhanced durability over traditional hard drives. It features high-speed data transfer and is shock and vibration resistant. A good choice if you plan on using your drive in challenging environments.

Samsung T5 SSD

Here is another SSD drive that comes in sizes from 250GB up to 2TB. It features a distinctive aluminum casing and is extremely portable, weighing in at 51 grams. Fast transfer speeds are a hallmark of Samsung SSDs and this model is no exception.

Tips to Recover Deleted Photos from an External Hard Drive on Mac

So now that you have all of your valuable photos on your external hard drive, what are you going to do if you accidentally delete some of those special memories? You might just be doing some housekeeping on your storage device and inadvertently send some photos to the Trash, which you then delete. Maybe you even formatted the drive by mistake.

Transfer Files From Mac To Pc Formatted Hard Drive With Folder Structure

How To Transfer Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive Seagate

Don’t panic. Here is a great way to recover deleted photos from an external storage device that is attached to a Mac.

How To Move Photos To External Drive

Can You Reformat An External Hard Drive From Mac To Windows

  1. Download Disk Drill hard drive data recovery software for Mac. You can download it for free and use it to preview recoverable photos before spending a cent on the application.
    Data recovery for free
    Your Companion for Deleted Files Recovery
  2. Install the program and supply it with your Administrator’s password.
  3. Attach the removable storage device to your Mac.
  4. Start Disk Drill and select the external hard drive from the list of discovered devices.
  5. Click the “Recover” button and allow Disk Drill to scan your external drive for files that can be recovered. You will be presented with a list of the files that the tool can restore.
  6. At this point, you can recover these files by purchasing a licensed version of Disk Drill.

We hope this article has been helpful in showing you how to move your iPhoto libraries to an external hard drive. If you save a lot of photos on your computer, there is a good chance you will eventually want to free up the space they occupy for other things. Now you know how to accomplish that task.

How To Transfer Files From Mac To Windows Ntfs

How To Transfer Selected Photos From Mac To External Hard Drive 2017